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March 13 2017



whys king kong………..so fucking large

the bigger you are the larger you are



I just realised I have the free will to draw anything I want without explaination


March 11 2017


In French, we don’t say “BOFA deez nuts”, we say “BOFA deez nuts”, which roughly translates to

March 09 2017

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from now on, the only child naming system is going to be the stardew valley name randomizer 

March 08 2017


uhm? some snipers… quickscope… to quickcope??

March 06 2017


can you imagine one of those really tragically boring “horror” movies about scary cursed doll !!! but its a funko pop figure instead 

March 01 2017

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I know we talk about cursed videos a lot on this site but this was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life

February 24 2017

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The “Dread Gazebo” is one of those inside jokes that everybody in the D&D/RPG community is supposed to know, but that makes it really hard to actually learn.  Everyone references it, but nobody actually tells the original story.  I played D&D for years before I got up the nerve to ask why everyone made jokes about gazebos.

Just in case any of my followers my be in the boat.  Here’s a link to the original story.

And here’s the story about the story.

Genuinely thought this was an elaborate East Coast con scene/Gaylord National joke

February 20 2017

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February 15 2017

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February 14 2017

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February 13 2017



what if American Psycho was set in australia

February 11 2017

February 10 2017

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Healthy relationship 2017

couldnt yall just rewrite the meme god damn

February 08 2017

petition to rename winston’s primal rage to “furious george”

February 07 2017


im gonna make a game geared towards all those video game nitpickers. “ahuhuhuh why dont vidoe game characters ever use the bathroom????” now your character has to take bathroom breaks every 2-4 hours whether youre busy or not. if you dont make it to the bathroom on time you will piss your pants. you also have to eat food and drink water or your character will be tired and hungry and wont move as fast or at all. you also have to follow society’s norms because humans are psychologically wired that way. if you do something illegal someone will call the cops on you and youll be arrested and taken to court and then taken to prison for the rest of the game. thats what you get for being a nitpicking smartass 

February 02 2017

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How efficient!


January 30 2017

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